Christmas is Coming

The Sugar Plums

St. Nick at Night

Reindeer on the Roof

When I look at Santa

To All a Good Night

Hanukkah Lights

Goin' on a Sleigh Ride



Junior Chorus News


First Rehearsal Thursday, September 17th - watch for Zoom Chorus Invite

* Please set computer so your singer can stand.  Too much sitting during the days of online.  Let's get them moving to the music!

* Please no eating during Chorus


Thursday Rehearsals 3:30-4:00pm

September 17th first rehearsal

December 17th last rehearsal

December 17th 6:00pm Concert

07 Hanukkah Lights
01 Christmas is Coming!
02 The Sugar Plums
03 St. Nick at Night
04 Reindeer on the Roof
05 When I Look at Santa
06 To All A Good Night
03 We're Going On A Sleigh Ride